Oil/water separator

Greenline BundGuard oil/water separator

"YES to water
  NO to oil"

Automatic oil/water separation system

Any tank, drum or plant containing more than 200 litres of oil must be provided with some form of secondary containment or "bund", to retain leaks, spills or worse. By law the bund must be capable of holding at least 110% of the contents of the main oil tank.

Larger oil storage tanks and equipment such as electricity transformers may contain several thousand litres of oil and are likely to be open to the elements. The bund will collect rainwater and, before too long, the holding capacity of the bund will be significantly reduced. Obviously as oil floats on water, once the capacity drops below 100% there is a risk of oil escaping over the bund wall in the event of tank failure.

The BundGuard is a cost-effective, self-contained and easy to fit automatic pump and alarm unit which works continuously and automatically 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Using advanced circuitry and micro controller technology, the system discriminates between oil and water; it keeps oil in and expels water from the containment area. The robust, all stainless steel, pump and sensor unit is located in the sump and monitors the different liquid levels.

The control unit activates the pump as required to remove only clean water safe to foul sewer or interceptor (depending on site circumstances). Failsafe systems and a range of visual and relay alarm outputs ensure complete safety and allow onward communication to remote monitoring systems.