Water leak detection systems

Andel water leak detection system

Floodline water or liquid overload signaling systems are installed in sensitive and critical areas to give an early nuisance warning from whatever source.

For example pipes, tanks, air conditioning units, etc..

Floodline uses water or liquid sensitive detection / sensing cable and/or point sensors which are individually or in groups connected to Multi-Zone panels.

Each sensor or sensor group is assigned to a separate zone in which each zone has its own "address".

Floodline zone sustems are flexible, accurate, easy to install, use and maintain and they offer the best cost / benefit ratio for whichever application: large or small, complex or simple.


Essential advantages of a zone system:

  • Each zone stands on its own - an event in a zone does not have any effect on the normal functioning or checking of the neighboring zones or the rest of the system.
  • Each zone is continuously monitored for either a leak or a system failure - each alarm is shown separately.
  • Genuine Multi-Zone usage - the system can display all or simultaneous and successive alarms report and communicate.
  • No minimum or maximum zone size.
  • Independent output and communication for each zone.
  • Alarm prioritization - "double-knock" for important zones.
  • Better cost control through free choice in zone length or - size.
  • "Mix & Couple" different types of sensors from zone to zone.
  • Easy to understand, to use, to maintain and to repair.
  • Easy to adapt to individual, present and future extensions.

Floodline water leak detection systems are used in:

  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Archives
  • Call centers
  • Government Buildings and Departments
  • Cellars
  • Historic buildings
  • Telecommunication switching centract