128-Zone Control Panel

Floodline 128 Multi Zone Control Panel

The Floodline 128 Multi-Zone System can control a network of leak detection cables and sensors up to a total of 128 zones. A zone can be a single point or many metres of detection cable and the whole network is continuously monitored for leaks and continuity.

Zones are electrically isolated from each other and individually displayed so the system can accept and report any number of simultaneous or consecutive zone alarms. This is true multiple leak reporting with each zone having a separate reference or “address”. An alarm in one zone has no effect on the normal monitoring of its neighbours or the rest of the system.

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  • Features/Operation
    Capacity: Modular steps - 32>64>96>128 zones

    Compact control unit with large LCD display and control functions
    Separate Base unit with ‘Mains’ circuitry and Zone Connections & outputs
    Power: 110/230 VAC, 50Mhz mains operated, 12VDC internal + Battery back-up.

    Control unit: 155 x 186 x 61 mm
    Base unit: 600 x 540 x 200mm

    LEAK - continuous water/liquid detection - each zone reports separately
    SYSTEM FAULT - sensor or leader cable damage, failure or disconnection

    Sensors: Uses full range of Floodline detection devices

    Alarm Indicators
    Full text LCD gives multiple event reports
    Flashing LED

    Full range of communications - volt-free contact relays for all status, alarm conditions & zone information

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128-Zone Control Panel