Air purifier Bionizer

Bionizer® is a Hi-Tech air ionizer (air purifier), specially designed for HVAC® fan coils model FX.

The Bionizer® is suitable for installation in homes, schools, offices, day care centres and in commercial- and industrial environments.

The Bionizer® relieves:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Stuffiness
  • Bronchits
  • Migraine
  • Smoking complaints
  • Stress
  • Cold

The replacement of a radiator

An existing radiator can easily be replaced by a fan coil unit. The advantages of a fan coil unit are:

  • Rapid warming of the space
  • Silent operation
  • A fan coil unit is small and compact
  • Aesthetic design
  • Available as ceiling and wall model
  • Equipped with an air purifier Bionizer®
  • Can cool when applied with a heat pump
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  • Function Bionizer®
    The core of the device is a very high voltage/frequency generator (3 kV ~ 6kV; 15 kHz), which is connected with a special carbon fiber brush. This produces a high number of anions (negatively charged ions) (3 x 10^6 PCS/cm3).

    The carbon fiber brush Bionizer® (placed in the airflow) spreads in the environment a purified air stream charged with anions and substantially improves the air quality in the area.

    Beneficial effects of anions (negative ions)
    Life in cities, the lack of green areas and due to atmospheric pollution there are very few anions present. Furthermore, in closed and conditioned rooms the exchange with outside air is very bad: the air is old, musty and smells remain in the room. The air must be purified, refreshed and sterilized by anions.

    There are huge amounts of anions in nature, such as near waterfalls and forests, their existence is one of the reasons why exposure to the natural environment is a reliable tonic and refreshing experience.

    The anions improve air quality, removing dust and pollen that cause allergies and respiratory problems.

    The Bionizer® anion generator regenerates the air in a closed environment, the cell metabolism, promotes refreshes, purifies and gives psychophysical beneficial effects:

    • Immediately remove cooking smelss and cigarette smoke
    • Removes dust, reduced nasal irritation, inflammation and pollen allergies
    • Purifies the air, removes positive particles rapidly
    • Activates oxygen in the air: the anions make the oxygen molecules more active, preven germ proliferation by conditioning the air
    • Improves air sterilization: the anions protect your eyes watching TV or when you are working with a PC. The anions can offset the effects of electric fields produced by TV screens and PC's

    The accessoire Bionizer® is installed as an option and connected electrically on a HVAC® fan coil unit.

    • HVAC® fan coil units with a control panel "on board", the Bionizer® is controlled by the control panel (additional accessory "CB..") and works automatically together with the fan.
    • HVAC® fan coil units which are equipped with a connector, the Bionizer® is controlled by the remote control and works automatically together with the fan.
    • The Bionizer® also can work permanently, even if the HVAC® fan coil unitis switched off and without affecting the system.

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Air purifier Bionizer