Cold store air curtains


Through the unique combination of an adsorption dryer and an air curtain fitted with the Jet-Flo ejection system, you can reach energy savings over 30%.

Ice and frost formation caused by (very) low temperatures in your cold stores in combination with high humidity. The high humidity caused by goods that are placed in the cold stores and through open doors.

For cold stores HVAC Europe developed an adsorption air curtain system that ice and frost prevents and even let it disappear.

The system dehumidifies the cold store and protects the warm and humid air that penetrates through the doorways.
A second air flow to the door ensures that the temperature difference is reduced between the cold store and the pre-space, so that there is no fog.

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    • Moisture control in the cold store
    • No ice or frost formation
    • No fog formation
    • Energy saving
    • Less downtime
    • Less maintenance
    • Improved logistics
    • Unobstructed view, therefore safer
    • No slippery floors
    • HACCP supplement
    • Reducing CO2 emissions

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