Destratifiers, Air circulation unit

Destratifiers, Air circulation unit model XD

Stratification, warm air layering, appears in an industrial area when heating the area.

This stratification has a great influence on the energy consumption. The warm air rises to the ceiling, creating additional needs to be fired at the floor level, to obtain the desired temperature (comfort).

A simple way to enhance heating of industrial buildings is the use of a destratificator, also called air circulation unit.

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    • 3 models
    • Air volume" 3600-7200 m3/h
    • Installation height: 4-9 meters
    • Scope: 100-230 m²
    • Low noise level: 49-52 dB (A)
    • Low energy consumption: 210-360 Watts
    • Saves up to 40% on heating costs

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