Detection tape

Floodline Detection Tape (Single Zone)

For applications where a more basic, low cost system is required. The Single Zone Tape comprises a very strong, easy to install sensor usually laid in long lengths per zone.

in the voids below raised floors above suspended ceilings
tie-wrapped to individual pipes
run in drip trays
laid around the base of an item of fabric, apparatus or tank
laid in loops or wave pattern for general monitoring of larger areas
no minimum or maximum zone length

Senses water anywhere along its entire length
Multiple re-use, dry and reset
Easy to replace or splice-in new length if damaged or hopelessly contaminated

Polyester "woven" construction. No exposed conductors. Very high strength and abrasion resistance.

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  • Dimensions
    20mm wide x 3mm thick. Supplied in any length either pre-connected at the factory or for cutting on site.

    Connection can be made directly into any Floodline Control Panel / Unit or via Leader Cable.

    Fix to the floor or other surfaces with flat ribbon type clips or self-adhesive clips or tie-wraps. Detection Tape is laid loosely with warning labels attached at regular intervals to warn of its function.

    Leader Cable
    Standard PVC / PVC 7/0.2 multi-core alarm/comms type cable or similar.
    LSF or other light cables can be substituted if required.

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Detection tape