Duct or satellite heater

HVAC duct or satellite heater type FX, UTS, UTA,....

The duct heaters (also called heater or satellite unit) of HVAC are available in various capacities.

The duct heater can be combined with our heat pumps or as stand-alone duct heater. The duct heaters are available for each project or technical issue with the proper specifications.

The duct heaters supplied by HVAC Europe are suitable for renovation projects, new construction projects and expansion projects.

Low temperature heating (LTH)
All duct heaters supplied by HVAC Europe are suitable to be connected to low temperature systems (district heating, heat pumps, etc.)

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    • Heating capacities up to 274 kW
    • Suitable for low temperature systems
    • External pressure drop up to 420 Pa
    • Installation height from 215 to 1,150 mm
    • With and without round duct connections
    • Suitable for various outlet grid models
    • Air volume up to 19.500 m3/h
    • Available in 47 model sizes
    • Special versions available

    • HVAC duct heaters can be supplied with mounted 2- or 3-way valves, on/off, 3-point control or modulating control 0...10V
    • Complete controls including control panel for wall mounting, infrared remote control or for connection to the Building Management System (BMS)
    • Various filters and plenum boxes with round and rectangular connectors or grids
    • etc..
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