DX aircurtain

By the application of a "standard air curtain" it is possible to cool a room and heat a room by the use of DX technique (direct expansion).

In fact, the air curtain is going to function as an air conditioner in which the function of the air curtain is not lost.

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  • Cooling and heating with standard air curtain

    In combination with:

    • Mono split systems
    • Multi split systems
    • VRF systems
    • Applicable with any brand of heat pump


    • DX single heat exchanger, cooling and heating
    • DXDX double heat exchanger, cooling and heating
    • DXH single heat exchanger, heating only
    • DXW double heat exchanger, 1x DX and 1x WW, heating and cooling
    • DXE single heat exchanger and an electric heater, 1x DX and 1x E, cooling and heating

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DX aircurtain