Flexipad sensor

Floodline Flexipad Sensor

A lightweight, pliable, fabric covered plastic detection pad (approximately the size of an A3 sheet of paper).

Can be wrapped around pipes, tied in difficult shapes or placed in very narrow voids. A removable fabric cover assists absorption and protects the sensing surfaces. After wetting, the cover can be replaced with a spare or removed for drying.

Double or single sided. Multiple re-use. Dry and return to use.

Tough, flexible plastic sheet. Bonded “carbon loaded” detection tracks. Cellulosic fabric envelope.

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  • Dimensions
    400mm x 300mm x ca 1mm.

    Connected to any Floodline Control Panel in any number and/or any combination with other Floodline Sensors.

    Lay loose, pin/glue at corners or tie-wrap.

    Leader Cable
    Standard PVC/PVC 7/0.2 multi-core alarm/comms type cable or similar.

    LSF or other light cables can be substituted as required.

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Flexipad sensor