Type FX-Z/P/K1

FX fan coils selfsupporting structure

The FX serie Z/P/K is the thermal bridge free fan coil of HVAC Europe. This model has a self-supporting structure, without frame.

Available in

Type Z galvanized steel with thermo-acoustic insulation

Type P painted galvanized steel in white (RAL 9002) with thermo-acoustic insulation

Type K double-walled galvanized steel sheet in white (RAL 9002) with fiberglas insulation

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    • 2 vertical models
    • 2 horizontal models
    • 3 types of insulation performances
    • 14 types
    • Wall and ceiling models
    • 2- and 4-pipe versions
    • Connection heat exchangers lef (standard) or right
    • More than 10 kW cooling capacity
    • More than 23 kW heating capacity
    • Suitable for LTH systems (low temperature heating)
    • Electric heaters 230V or 400V
    • Low noise level ≤ 28 dB (A)
    • Air volumes to 1940 m3/h
  • Type FX-Z/P/K1
    Type FX-Z/K/P2
    Type  FX-Z/K/P21
    Type FX-Z/K/P22
  • The FX serie is available with an extensive range of accessories. Please find below the most common accossories:

    • Detailed arrangements, possibly suitable for BMS
    • Infrared remote
    • Interphase for simultaneous control of multiple fan coils
    • Water temperature sensors
    • Air inlet temperature sensor
    • Mounted 2- or 3-way valves on/off
    • Mounted 2- or 3-way valves 0...10 Volt
    • Shut-off (ball)
    • Plenum with spiggots
    • Condensate pump
    • Electric heater up to 3.0 kW, 230V
    • Motorized fresh air intake louver (on/off)
    • Active carbon

    Please contact our product specialists for other accessories.

  • FX-Z_P_K-2P.pdf Brochure HVAC fan coil FX-Z_P_K-2P

    FX-Z_P_K-4P.pdf Brochure HVAC fan coils FX-Z_P_K-4P

    Brochure HVAC fan coils FX-Z_P_K-4- pipe

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