Floodline Groundhog

The Floodline Groundhog combines Point Sensor and detection circuitry in one small package. Self-contained single-zone leak detection system ideal for interconnection to Building Management Systems and other control/alarm systems.

The Groundhog can be placed directly onto a floor or drip tray or mounted vertically at the base of a wall and provides a volt-free contact relay output when water activates the unit.

Additional Floodline pointsensors or leak detection tape can be slaved off the groundhog.

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  • The Groundhog can be extended by connecting additional standard Floodline leak sensors via a built-in jack-plug socket.

    Green “Power On” LED indicates ready/stand-by condition.

    Red LED: flashes when a leak is detected, volt-free contact change-over relay acttivates.

    Water touches across stainless steel probes - red “Leak” LED flashes, volt-free contact change-over relay activates.

    Unit supplied with change-over volt free N/O (normally open) or volt free N/C (normally closed) relay.

    Multi-voltage 12 or 24v, AC or DC

    Option 1: Automatic - unit self resets when water removed.
    Option 2: Manual

    Completely encapsulated to withstand immersion and built into a stainless steel Guard Plate which provides protection and assists fixing.

    Length 130 mm, width 90 mm, depth 37 mm.

    A site wire-able plug is provided to which any length of suitable Leader Cable can be attached. [Standard PVC/PVC 7/0.2 alarm/comms or similar. LSF or other light cables can be substituted as required.]

    Fixed or free standing on floor or in drip tray, vertically at base of wall or plant.

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