HACCP and air curtains

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a risk assessment for foods.

All companies that produce food products, processiong, transport and/or storage are required to implement a HACCP system and maintain.

HVAC® air curtains help you in order to improve your HACCP system.

Industries that must comply with this legislation:

  • Food industry
  • Institutions such as retirement homes, hospitals, prisons
  • Catering such as restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, snack bars, banquet halls, etc.
  • Artisanal food sectors such as butchers, greengrocers, cheese shops, etc.
  • Supermarkets
  • Distribution companies which are transporting food
  • Import and export companies which are transporting food
  • Storage and transhipment companies of food
  • Sport canteens, gas stations and other businesses where food is sold
  • Small manufacturing companies such as "boerenjam", soep, mustard, donuts, etc.

HACCP is not a tangible guide with regulations, but a system that is based on seven principles.

Companies need this system to focus on their own situation. They shall give themselves where and at what stage of the production and/or distribution processes are possible dangers to the health of consumers arise. They also establish what measures are taken to prevent threats to the health of consumers, which checks are performed and what the results are.

In short, HACCP is a preventive system to be carried out by companies themselves. To detect by health risks in preparation and treatment processes and to make them subsequently controllable, the safety of the product is increased.

The seven key points of a HACCP system

  1. Enumerate all potential hazards
  2. Set the critical control points (CCPs), point sin the process where the risk can be prevented or limited
  3. Give each CCP critical limits
  4. Determine how the CCPs guards either be "monitored"
  5. Secure the corrective CCP actions, which should lead to the restoration of security
  6. Apply verification at a periodical check to determine whether the HACCP approach works well
  7. Keep documentation and records in capturing what you changed and how

Air curtains
What kind of influence has a HVAC® air curtain to a HACCP system? An air curtain protects the entrance of the area where food is prepared off. By placing a HVAC® air curtain you ensure that there are no bugs in the rooms. Also, the air curtain ensures that no (street) dirt blows in the preparatoin area.

The air curtain is not a replacement, but a additional measure on a door. By placing an air curtain you can shield the preparation area when the access door is opened. A door opens more often than you think! Therefore reduce your risk by placing an air curtain.