Andel Ranger long line water detection

Long line detection cable

Long line water detection

Floodline Ranger has been designed for use as a stand alone system or in conjunction with other Floodline Control Panels for continuous Leak Detection.

Floodline Ranger is designed to be snapped onto standard 35mm DIN rail. The unit is supplied in its own housing but can be easily mounted in existing electric or instrumental cbinets with spare rail space.

Up to 1500M (5000ft) of sensor cable can be monitored by Ranger. Ranger's typical applications include plant rooms, warehouses, libraries and museums.

Once a leak is detected, the device can trigger an audio/visual alarm as well as triggering onward communication to BMS or similar. The LED indicator on the device shows the distance to the leak.

The sensing cable detects the presence of water at any point along its length. The cable is available in different, pre-terminated lengths with locking connectors to facilitate joining lengths together. The conductive-polymer technology and fluoro polymer construction make our sensing cable mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

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  • Ranger Specifications:
    Environmental Rating:
    Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C
    Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C
    Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (No condensation)
    Power Supply: 12VDC, 3W

    Serial Interface; Network configuration: RS485 communication mode. BAUD rate can be selected, optional address for 0 to 247. Default BAUD rate is 9600 and address is 0. MODBUS RTU
    Relay contacts: 125VAC 0.5A, 24VDC 1A normally open (can be normally closed)

    Construction: ABS plastic housing
    Mounting: 35mm DIN RAIL
    Connections: Screw terminals for all wiring
    Indicators: LEDs for POWER, Cable Fault, LEAK, COMMS

    Cable Specifications:

    Cable maximum length: 1500M
    Accuracy: 0.5% ± 0.5m
    Construction: conductive-polymer with fluoropolymer construction
    Diameter: 6.00mm (nominal)
    Colour: High-visibility yellow
    Maximum continuous operating temperature: 70°C
    Drying Time: Cable dries and resets within 15 minutes after removal from standing water.
    Standard Cleaning Method: Wipe with clean, damp cloth

  • Andel Ranger long line water detection
    Control panel Andel ranger long line water detection
    Andel Ranger long line water detection kabel
    Andel Ranger kabel long line water detection
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