One-Zone Control Panel

Floodline One-Zone Control Panel

Panel Basics
Low cost, stand-alone, mains operated system where only a small amount of leak detection is required.

One or more floodline sensors can be connected to suit various installation requirements. Output relay provided for connection to remote alarm, BMS etc.

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  • Features/Operation
    Function: Water leak detection

    Sensors: Any standard Floodline water sensor device:

    • Detection Cable
    • Point Sensor
    • Pad Sensor
    • Pipe Sensor

    Power: 110/230vac operation (voltage must be specified)

    Construction: Blue powder coated steel enclosure

    Dimensions: Width 225mm x height 200mm x depth 70mm

    Fixing: Wall/surface mounted

    LEAK - continuous water detection through Floodline sensor(s)
    SYSTEM FAULT - sensor or leader cable damage or disconnection

    Alarm Indicators: LEDs and buzzer for LEAK or SYSTEM FAULT

    Status Indicators: Power on - system healthy

    Function Switches:
    Mute button
    Reset button

    1. LEAK - DPCO relay
    2. SYSTEM FAULT / drop dead - DPCO relay
    (All relays have “clean” volt-free contacts)

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One-Zone Control Panel