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Floodline Pipe Sensor (Double Containment)

Pipe-in-Pipe, or double containment, systems are used in critical areas where it is essential, should the primary inner pipe be damaged or leak, that the contents are safely contained and prevented from escaping into the immediate surroundings.

The Floodline Pipe Sensor is based around a Point Sensor but designed for fitting into a female threaded socket provided at strategic points in the outer pipe.

Short stainless steel probes extend into the cavity, or annulus, created between the inner and outer pipes. When liquid escapes into the cavity and contacts a sensor the alarm is activated.
The device is equally effective as a “tell-tale” in an overflow pipe. Two types of device are available for water and oil (oil/any liquid).

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    Liquid contacts across the stainless steel probes or touches the tip (depending on type of device used). Multiple re-use. Instant return to use.

    High density plastic body, stainless steel probes or resistant plastic tip. Sealed against immersion.

    Length of body approx 70mm, diameter 30mm.

    Connected to any Floodline control panel. Can be used in conjunction with other Floodline sensors.

    1/2” BSP fitting as standard (other sizes available).

    Leader Cable
    Standard PVC/PVC 7/0.2 multi-core alarm / comms type cable or similar. LSF or other light cables can be substituted as required.

    5m pre-fitted unless otherwise specified.

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Pipe sensor