Point Sensor

Andel Leak Detection Systems - Floodline Point Sensor

Andel Leak Detection Systems - Floodline Point Sensor
Horizontal or vertical Point Sensor

A compact sensor for vertical or horizontal mounting. Water touching its stainless steel probes activates the alarm. Used with the stainless steel Floodline Guard Plate to give heavy duty physical protection and assist fixing and adjustment.

The Point Sensor is used where a detection cable could be damaged or where some damp, minor wetting or spillage is expected. For example a factory facilities, basement or tunnel.

Water contacts across stainless steel probes.
Multiple re-use. Instant return to use after water is cleaned up.

High density plastic body, stainless steel probes

Stainless steel Guard Plate

Encapsulation option for immersion proofing

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  • Dimensions
    H71mm x W44mm x D25mm + Guard Plate: H110mm x W105mm x D30mm.

    Connected in any number and/or combination with other Floodline sensors.

    Base of wall or apparatus.

    Floor - free standing or fixed.
    Tank/Sump etc. - requires special bracket plus immersion proofing.

    Leader Cable
    Standard PVC/PVC 7/0.2 multi-core alarm/common type cable or similar.

    LSF or other light cables can be substituted as required.

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Point Sensor