Refrigerant Gas Sensor

Floodline RGD1301 Refrigerant Gas Sensor

The Floodline RGD1301 Refrigerant Gas Sensor can be used as a stand-alone refrigerant alarm system OR be included as part of a larger water/oil leak detection system. It can also be used to provide a dedicated refrigerant gas detection alarm package.

The Floodline RGD1301 ensures companies comply with BS EN378 and detects refrigerant gases to HSE Occupational Exposure Limits.

BS EN378 specifies the installation of fixed refrigerant leak detectors in both existing and new systems of all sizes (with certain exceptions).

The Floodline RGD1301 sensors can be connected to a standard Floodline Control Panel giving additional audible and visual alarm features in addition to the facility for onward communication to BMS etc.

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    VRV Air Conditioning systems Refrigeration compressor packs Machine/Plant Rooms
    A/C Service Tunnels
    Hotel Bedrooms
    DX Split Units

    Constant monitoring of the area for any build up of chosen refrigerant gases above a preset level – When a leak above the preset levels is detected, audio/visual warnings are given.
    Audible & visual alarms also at central Floodline Control Panel.


    H: 90mm x W: 160mm x D: 50mm

    Wall/surface mounted at suitable height based on occupancy of room being monitored & refrigerant gas being detected.

    The Floodline RGD1301 can be preset to different modes of operation :

    Operational Modes
    Default Mode: In “Leak Alarm” a warning is given by pulsing the 85dB sounder and flashing the “Status LED” red. The integral relay energises, the system remains in alarm until gas concentration falls below the preset level and the reset button is pressed.

    Sounder Disabled
    As per Default Mode but local audible alarm is disabled.

    Automatic Mode
    As per default mode but system resets automatically once concentration falls below the preset level.

    Specification: Supply:
    Relay Outputs: Indicators: Sounder:
    3Watts at 12VDC OR 230VAC SPCO (3Amps @ 230VAC) 3mm tri-colour LED
    85dB piezo

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Refrigerant Gas Sensor