Tundish / Overflow Sensor

Floodline Tundish / Overflow Sensor

The Floodline Tundish / Overflow Sensor is designed to attach to the overflow of a toilet cistern or other tank to provide an immediate, automatic warning in the event of an overflow.

The sensor can be used singly or in a multiples connected to any Floodline single or multi-zone control systems. Each sensor can be allocated its own zone, or address, or they can be installed in groups.

The Tundish Sensor can be easily incorporated into a larger, more complex leak detection installation and can be used along with any other Floodline detection device.

Connect to the overflow from the cistern or tank using a standard 22mm elbow or connector. The outlet from the Tundish sensor can then be connected to the further drain system. Overflow outlets differ in design so this is only a guide.

It is recommended that the sensor is fixed at a height and position to allow easy inspection and servicing.

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  • Dimensions & Details
    The Tundish sensor comprises an open bowl with an outflow in its base. A deflector plate within the tundish bowl directs the flow of escaping water onto two stainless steel sensors which activates the alarm.

    A sealed connection is made from the sensor elements with a pre-fitted leader cable terminating in a standard Floodline termination box allowing easy connection to other wiring.

    Voltage & Current
    less than 5 volts & less than 1 milliAmp

    Bowl Dimensions
    65mm diameter
    60mm height

    Out-flow stub
    20mm long
    22mm ID
    25.5mm OD

    Pre-fitted leader

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