Why an air curtain?

Air curtains are applied to create a comfortable indoor climate while the door can remain open. An open entrance is an inviting aspect for the customer.

Research shows that at an open door enter 10% more customers.

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An air curtain not only ensures that the cold in the winter stays outside, but also ensures that cooled air in the summer remains inside. Furthermore, a air curtain keeps dust, fumes, insects and dirt outside.

To get a correct decision if there will be placed an air curtain and what type/model air curtain will be chosen, the following need to be assessed:

  • Economic advantage
  • Psychological advantage
  • Energy costs
  • Investment

Economic advantage
An open door is inviting customers and ensures that more customers enter your business. An air curtain prevents annoying air currents, enabling customers to stay longer in your store/company.
Staff will feel themselfs better in the store/company. In short, use of an air curtain allows for higher turnover.

Psychological advantage
The entrance is the first impression of your store/company. The design solutions of our air curtains HVAC Europe provides a contribution to that first impression. Our air curtains are distinguished by technique, combines functionality and design.

The wide range of air curtains are available in all RAL colours or stainless steel. Optional spotlights provide a well-lit entrance. Even models that are fully integrated, belong to our delivery program.

Energy costs
An open door will cost a lot of money because of the large energy losses. An air curtain goes against these losses. Our air curtains have been developed in such a way that there is up to 40% energy savings in comparison with the application of a traditional air curtain.

The patented Jet-Flo high pressure chamber system ensures that the same shielding ability, less air needs to be heated. Less air means less power consumption, but the entrance fee remains 100% shielded.

Consciously dealing with energy and the environment

At each air curtain comes a price. We are sure that you make the best choice by using our air curtains if you choose for quality, design and energy saving.

We are also convinced that we can offer for every situation a suitable, high-qualitiy solution. Convince yourself and ask for an "tailored energy savings calculation".

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