PlatinAir custom made air curtain

Air curtain with great shielding ability

HVAC Europe has developed a worldwide unique air curtain system, which extraordinarily effective is at the protection of open entree by stronger and considerably more compact curtain of ventilates to produce compared to what in the market there is and which to 40% less energies et consumed no extra heated air has necessary!

Technology has been based on the plane wing: air is extra compressed by the form of wings in the air very chamber and leaves these with 20m/sec: this does not obtain conventional air curtains.

In spite of this high air speed the passanten see of it hardly something, thanks to the extremely narrow air curtain! The difference with conventional air curtains, where passanten “run by 50-100cm a broad” air flow, is enormous: dán become then already rapidly that air such as uncomfortably experience and asks for extra heating.

This impact does not appear at the new type air curtain!


  • Small energy usage
  • High protection by Jet-Flo high pressure room - jet system
  • Flexible institution for the each time changing circumstances
  • Architectonic design
  • Supply including 5 stage air volume and 20 m. connection cable (plug & play)
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    • Construction size: 3 type; Type of 1.,2 and 3 up to 4.0 meter
    • Models: 2 models; S, U
    • Unit width: 5 widths; 1000. 1500.2000, 2500.,3000 (mm)
    • Heating: water, 90/70, 80/60, 70/50, 60/40 °C
    • Electric heater 400V
    • Electric connection: 230 V
    • Finishing: Standard in RAL 9010 (rijnwit)
    • Deliverable in every desired RAL colour
    • Air capacities: from 1,200 till 12,000 m3/h

    • MR2-L thermostatic 2-wayvalve type for a constant blow in air temperature
    • MR3-L thermostatic 3-wayvalve for a constant blow in air temperature
    • DHD4 subdued ceiling hanging clamp, 4 pieces, length 1 meter
    • DHD6 subdued ceiling hanging clamp, 6 pieces, length 1 meter
    • WH2 partition holders, 2 pieces
    • WH3 partition holders, 3 pieces
  • PlatinAir.pdf Brochure HVAC air curtain PlatinAir

    In this brochure you will find the following information:

    • Product description
    • Technical specifications
    • Drawings
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